To produce, appreciate and promote wine is an art. We can trace back the culture of wine to the very beginning of Portugal as a country. Who introduce it? The Phoenician, the roman? The mystery will remain forever. The Vinho Verde Region is today one of the most important in Portugal, characterized for its distinct wines that stand out by their youth, freshness and low to moderate alcohol. Vinho Verde, when drank with moderation, causes a slight euphoria and, who knows, is this the determinant factor for Minho’s people joyous and hospitable temper.

Wine is the sublime expression of the land
and the people who produce it.

Alvarinho RESERVA

Quinta do Montinho Alvarinho Reserva combines the intensity of this great variety with oak aging, and the result is a strong character.

It’s complex aroma showcases dried flowers, ripe lemons and vanilla. The mouthfeel reveals all the wine’s splendor, great volume and structure balanced by Vinho Verde’s characteristic freshness. These attributes make this white capable of pair perfectly roasted dishes, from the traditional codfish to a god lamb. It’s also perfect to pair with intense cheeses.


Produced with the grape queen from Vinho Verde region, Alvarinho, the Quinta do Montinho Alvarinho is a special wine.

It has an intense lemon colour with a green hue. The complex nose shows of with great harmony from fresh citric notes to tropical appointments of mango and pineapple. The full body is balanced by a good acidity and the Alvarinho’s classic subtle bitterness which grants a long finish and the capacity to pair perfectly with hearty oven dishes of fish and white meats.


Quinta do Montinho Loureiro is a wine that’s faithful to Neiva river valley’s most emblematic variety, Loureiro, featuring a fresh and exuberant citric aroma with floral touches of bay leaf.

It’s great freshness, light body and long finish makes this wine super versatile, perfect to be consumed solo or to pair with a large array of dishes, from fish and seafood to white meats.

Vinho Verde

Dilemma is the best summer afternoon partner. The base is Loureiro complemented with a small portion of Fernão-Pires to make it rounder.

The aroma is youthful and fresh with fruity and flowery notes. I tis a fresh and light wine capable of pairing well with every moment and to please everyone.